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Frantic final preparation is being  carried out at the Commonwealth Youth Exchange office in Clapham.

Matt is pacing about, waiting for his Flash manual to finish photocopying, Helen is arranging travel insurance, Hugh is putting the final touches to his GIMP course and I’ve just finished setting up web hosting.

Chris is on holiday in Devon.

I guess he will be the one carrying all the stuff onto the plane.

It’s now only two days until Matt and Hugh go to Guyana. They’ll be down a week before Chris and I to deliver a Flash course to the HIV/Aids NGO Merundoi, which wants to create animations based on its popular radio programme exploring issues around HIV.

We will then spend four weeks doing online skills workshops with young people associated with Merundoi, Youth Action – another NGO – and students from several secondary schools. We will cover topics ranging from HTML/CSS to ecommerce systems and online journalism.

Bringing web skills to Guyana

A volunteer project from CYEC (Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council)

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