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At this precise moment I should be packing. I need to leave the house in five hours time and a bit of sleep would be a good idea at some point too.

I’m not packing though, I’m reading up about Guyana’s national football team. There’s a reason why I’m blogging about this but first, a little context.

The Golden Jaguars (as they’re called) won’t be taking part in next year’s World Cup, but this time round they came closer than ever. Since mid-2005 Guyana have been shooting up the FIFA world rankings, from 182nd to 90th in two short years, as this handy image shows:

guyana ranking

In this interview with, star striker Randolphe Jerome puts the teams’s success down to head coach Jamal Shabazz. Jerome also said that their recent success has helped to raise people’s awareness of Guyana. This quote caught my eye:

Since we (Guyana FF) got a website and we started to do well, a bunch of players with mothers or fathers or uncles from Guyana started to pop up, and they want to play for us!

In fact, a SWOT analysis on the website for the Guyana Football Federation identifies as a strength:

A yet undiscovered pool of players of Guyanese parentage players playing in the major leagues in Europe and North America

Simply by putting information about the national team online where people can find it, learn more and get in contact, the Guyana FF has taken a step towards realising this strength.

It’s something that works for charity organisations, communities and companies as much as it does for sports teams. As we’ll be teaching our students over the next few weeks, it’s never been easier to publish information online and allow people to find you.

I really should get packing, but I’ll leave you with this video from FIFA Futbol Mondial, featuring an interview with Jamal Shabazz and footage of the team and Guyana generally:

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