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Don’t fret, we’re eating well

Posted on: July 27, 2009

This is really a post for our parents/guardians/significant others.

You’ll be pleased to know we’re eating well. At NCERD we get lunch – usually chicken-based – and at home we’ve had fish curry, vegetable curry and lentil and black-eyed pea stew (pic below).

Lentil and black eyed pea stew

The markets and supermarkets are pretty well stocked with everything we could ask for (although milk tends to be of the UHT variety).

So don’t worry, we’re looking after ourselves.


3 Responses to "Don’t fret, we’re eating well"

Tks guys! Of course as a mother, this is the thing that worries me most…! Enjoy!

Haha, I guess not!

Don’t take this as the wrong factor and see to it that
your concerns are becoming tackled. They didn’t consider any extra steps to make me drop in love with their shop or their services.

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